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The first step in the entire web development life cycle is the web page design. The design is the user interface area in the websites which includes contents, photos, videos, maps, social media buttons like facebook and twitter, comment sections and lot more.Despite of the many software tools in the market that helps in web development by providing templates, sample designs, buttons and widgets etc., there has still been difficulty in giving out a satisfactory website design. Some organizations recommend adding resources like videos, audio, advertisements, maps and instant messaging services etc. It also includes taking decisions about colors, themes to be used as a background, animations and graphics that are to be used in the website design. Web design agency in glasgow assists the user in the steps involved in the website design and provides various choices from which the user can make their own decision in designing their websites. It will provide instructions about the various plugins available to add resources such as the social media buttons and the step-by-step tutorial in adding them to the websites. The other factors that should be concentrated on while designing a website is that it should be SEO optimized which a marketing strategyfor is promoting the website.

The website has the most interesting and informative information about the website design which assists the website designers to give out a complete 5 rating product. The factors through which the designer can get the attention of the user is through

* Typography – The font color, size, style and face which often determines the readability and legibility which takes the attention of the readers and obviously eventually leading the readers to read the contents as a whole.
* Flat design – the flat design and the resolution does really matter in the web design. This makes the websites more attractive. A website which looks neat with properly arranged elements and white spaces gets the more attention. On the other hand, a web design which is messy will have a bad impression from the readers.
* Responsive design – with all the above discussed factors, the readers are not seem to be impressed which has led to the creation of responsive sites which means that the reader can click on the images and videos which will take to other neat web pages.
* Infinite scrolling – the website content should be visible in one page with not much of scrolling involved.
* Animations/ video background – As the name suggests, it is often recommended to have an animated background for better visualization.

The author Mrs.S.Sarkar is very much experienced in Graphics design as well as web design.Presently she is working for a UK based web development company, named Softtonix as a manager of design department.

Fluffy – Origami Cat by Ioana Stoian and Roberto Gretter
website design tutorial
Image by EricGjerde
This delightful model was designed by my partner, Ioana Stoian, and Roberto Gretter during the Polish origami convention earlier this year. It’s a very simple model folded from an A4 sheet. You can follow the video instructions on Ioana’s website!

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