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The Internet is the fastest growing marketplace in the history of humanity. Startups and established businesses are making the Internet part of their overall strategy. Unfortunately, some people still believe that websites are necessary evils best left to their nephews to design. The problem with such a website that it tells the world that we don’t really care about the Internet. It also says that we are willing to do the bare minimum.

Successful companies understand that it is best to hire professionals to perform crucial business tasks. They understand that not only lawyers and accountants perform crucial tasks. They know that web designers perform a crucial service for their business. Professionals will build your website to create the best possible image for your company. Along the way they can help you with other aspects of your marketing materials such as your company logo, brochure, catalog, trade show booth, and more.

Great websites are much more than an esthetically appealing designs. They are about telling a story about your services, focusing on what matters to your customers. Describe what pain points of your clients can you help? Your website should have excellent content. It is also essential for your content to be unique to your website. People want to read original content on your website. Don’t copy or repost content from other website, and if you do, add your own thoughts to it. It is OK to write about something you saw on another websites as long as you add your own ideas to the post.

As you build your website, always ask yourself this question “Is this content going to differentiate our business from our competitors?” If not, stop and work until you can add something that will make a difference. You are an expert in your area of business and there are many ways you can turn your expertise into great content. For example you could write white papers, how to’s, tutorials, articles, reviews and more.

Excellent content also helps you with improving your search engine rankings. Many people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about manipulating the search engines. They are wrong. SEO is more about developing great website content than anything else. Have great website content and the search engines will love you for it. There are other areas of SEO that are crucial to your search engine rankings such as link building. The more websites link to your website the more valuable your website becomes in the eyes of the search engines. Think of a link as a vote of confidence. The most popular websites have many incoming links pointing to them.

Your business can succeed with a great web presence. Hiring a professional web designer will increase your chances for success. They can help you with creating a professional looking design with an easy to use navigation. The professional help you get from them will have a significant impact on your business. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition online, your first step is a professional website.

Golden Child
website design tutorial
Image by Jon Gosier
For this tutorial you’ll want to find a photo of someone doing something that looks a bit larger than life. I used this photo that I found at the stock photo website Stock Exchange. For this tutorial you’ll need a photo that you want to manipulate and some special brush sets which I downloaded from here.

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