The Core Fundamentals of Web Design

The rudiments of website design are crucial for the success of anyone entering the field. This means that you will need to know what awaits you when you first come into the profession. The information in this article will teach you what the basics are and help you decide if web design is for you.

You can take web design classes just about anywhere. You can find them online, for free or for pay. You can take them at many local libraries, and at local community colleges as well. These classes will help you learn design more quickly, because you’ll have constant feedback for the work that you are doing. With that input, your own growth will take place much more quickly. It will require an investment of time and money, but once you see how swiftly you are learning the principles of web design, then you’ll be glad that you signed up for the class.

There are many web design books (and e-books) that you can use to learn more about the principles of the industry. Look through Amazon or Google Books to find some promising titles; the “Preview” feature in Google Books can help you flip through a lot of pages virtually before you ever have to put one of those books in your shopping cart. You can also head up to Barnes & Noble or Half Price Books and put together a list of what you would like to read.

Just like there are many different web design classes on the Internet, there are also many design tutorials that you can find online. Working at your own pace, you can take what you need from the tutorials, and fast forward over those parts that cover what you already know. This can actually work more quickly than a class, so once you have the basics down, a tutorial might even be a better choice for you.

Every bit of information can help in some way — and with e-newsletters, it is easy to quickly scan the latest headlines from some of the experts in the industry and decide whether to read further or just hit “Delete.” The more expert input you have when it comes to starting your own web design career, the better decisions you will make, and the more names you will see in the industry.

There’s no way to argue with the benefits of a mentor. Even if you think that your website idea will be the one that revolutionizes the Internet, it is good to get some expertise from people who have succeeded in web design before, especially in terms of placement and artistic techniques. Web designers can be notoriously prickly in person; however, if you find one who will take some time and show you how he gets it done, you will be in position to learn — and learn quickly.

Use this information as you begin to grow in the web design industry. By putting these tips to work for you, you will give yourself a firm foundation.

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Dollmore Zaoll Luv, Painted by Robbin Atwell www.MadWifeInTheAttic.com
website design tutorial
Image by Robbin With 2 Bs
This is Zaoll Luv in normal resin. She is 52cm/21" tall so she is a bit small for an SD sized doll. She is designed by an accomplished Korean artist named Gu mi-jeong. Her dolls are marketed by Dollmore.net. Gu me-jeong has a unique style in the BJD world.

I used this doll as my model in a faceup removal tutorial on my website: madwifeintheattic.com/2013/05/22/tutorial-cleaning-a-resi…

Visit my website at MadWifeInTheAttic.com for more dolls and tutorials.

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