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Having someone build a small business website for you needn’t be expensive, it will still hit your bottom-line figure but the idea is that your new website will bring in more sales and pay for itself. The thought that you could build your own website may have crossed your mind but you may not be sure if it would be cost effective or not. Ask yourself these questions. Firstly, do you have the time to spend building a website? And secondly, what do you want your website to achieve for you?

Learning to design and build a basic business website isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. I by no means intend to suggest that web design isn’t an extremely in depth topic or that it doesn’t require a lot of study and skill but at a basic level and with a bit of applied learning you can achieve some pretty good results.

To be good at creating your own website you should be the kind of person who can pick things up fairly rapidly and also be adept at understanding new systems, these are often skills found in people that own and run their own business. There are several essential skills that need to be acquired before starting a website build, these encompass but are not limited to CSS, HTML and basic website design and layout.

We come to our first question and the root of it. Do you have the time to learn these skills?

Maybe you are wanting to create your own business, you have had enough of working for someone else and are glad to put in the hours necessary to learn the basics. Get yourself online, hit some tutorial sites, log in to Amazon and order the latest ‘Build Your Own Website’ book. There are plenty of avenues for learning and almost all of them will take you in the right direction.

You may however be considering this option from a completely different situation. You may already own or run a business and struggle to find the time to carry out your normal workload. Building your own business website in this situation is not going to do you, your business or your family life and favours and if you aren’t focused on what you are trying to achieve then the results aren’t going to do your business justice.

Second question to ask yourself. What do you want your website to achieve for you? As well as answering this have a think about where you fit in to your market and have a look at the websites owned by your direct competitors.

If you are a small business such as a plumber, a landscape gardener, an electrician, or anyone that just needs to set up a web presence so that people in your local area searching online for your type of services can find your contact details and give you a call then a very small site that appears in the search engine results may be enough for you. A basic website to fulfill this need is completely achievable.

Your type of business may fall in to what is deemed to be a more professional category such as accounting, law or finance. If this is the case then a basic looking site might not give an impression of your business that you want potential clients to see. Carry out a Google search for some search terms that you would like to have a website ranking well for. Check out your level of competition and look at the quality of their websites. If you feel that the standard is above what you can realistically achieve then employing a professional web designer may be the better option for your business.

To summarise all of the above; If you have the time to learn to build your website and you think that you can achieve a high enough standard then jump right in, if not then hire a professional.

One last thing to note is that building your website is just stage one, if no one can find it on Google then you have wasted your time. To be successful your website needs to be at the top of the search engine rankings above your competitors.

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day two | influences for stage backdrop for Purbeck Folk Festival
website design tutorial
Image by .FuturePresent.
another influence for the backdrop unit I0 are creating for the Purbeck Folk Festival 2012

unit I0 | design | graphic + illustration

sharpbang is a new website commissioned by The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University. The website will be created by students and will host student-led tutorials from BA interactive Media Production students on coding and media production.
FuturePresent @ unit I0 Commission | FuturePresent was commissioned as visual designer for the website, with a brief to integrate a quilting, collage and sketching aesthetic.

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