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At first glance, the main question of how to make a website is simple and, thus, easy to answer even for individuals who have little to no experience with website design and development. Blogger tools, website design tutorials and other resources like books, e-books and classes are widely available, if and when you know where to look in the traditional and digital media.

Of all these available resources, online web design tutorials are the best routes toward learning to develop outstanding websites. When we say outstanding websites, we refer to site that provide for original content, easy-to-navigate pages, and fast loading speed as well as the right tools for SEO and tracking purposes.

Where to Find

Web design tutorials are easy to find in online sites as well as in e-books. Just key in the words and the search engine used (i.e., Google and Yahoo!) will generate hundreds of thousands of results within a few seconds. We always suggest looking at the first two pages of the search results since these are usually the best tutorials available although there’s no harm in searching for other sites on the succeeding pages.

What to Find

The search results will yield a wide variety of web design tutorials from e-books to online classes conducted by instructors. In the case of downloadable e-books, users are provided with step-by-step instruction on web design complete with practical exercises, video guides and even after-sales customer services. As for online classes, students log on to the website to participate in the discussions, listen to the instructors and submit assignments, among other activities.

Which one is the best way on how to make a website? Both are good options for many reasons with your final choice largely determined by your personal preferences in terms of cost, convenience and results.

On one hand, e-books are preferred by individuals who want to learn web design at their own time, pace and space. Whatever issues come up, the best option is calling up customer services or searching for answers online.

On the other hand, online classes are favored by individuals who want the benefits of the active interaction between the students and the instructor. The systematic curriculum is also a desirable aspect of online classes aside from the fact certifications of completion will be provided to the students, which can then be used for business or employment purposes.

What to Expect

Depending on the scope of the web design tutorials, the instruction will include the:

• Aesthetics Aspect – This is where graphic design comes in. The colors, fonts and placement of the photos, text and icons will be decided on with the main aim being to make each page attractive, not to mention comprehensive and informative.

• Technical Aspects – The designer must be knowledgeable about JavaScript, CSS and HTML, among other programming languages. The aim is to make the pages user-friendly, safe and secure.

Indeed, if you want to learn the ins and outs of web design, you must enroll in web design tutorial classes or purchase downloadable e-books.

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Dollmore Zaoll Luv, Painted by Robbin Atwell www.MadWifeInTheAttic.com
website design tutorial
Image by Robbin With 2 Bs
This is Zaoll Luv in normal resin. She is 52cm/21" tall so she is a bit small for an SD sized doll. She is designed by an accomplished Korean artist named Gu mi-jeong. Her dolls are marketed by Dollmore.net. Gu me-jeong has a unique style in the BJD world.

I used this doll as my model in a faceup removal tutorial on my website: madwifeintheattic.com/2013/05/22/tutorial-cleaning-a-resi…

Visit my website at MadWifeInTheAttic.com for more dolls and tutorials.

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Web Design Tutorials – Educate Yourself

When you want to create a website on a do-it-yourself basis, you will likely want to undergo web design tutorial sessions. Keep in mind that building an excellent website requires both visual and technical skills, which you may not possess at present but you can learn during the tutorial. However, you must be careful about choosing the web design tutorial program you will be enrolling in. The trends in website design change fast just as the technologies related to the online world (i.e., hardware and software) do, thus, making it critical to stay updated and to stay on top.

Here are the latest trends for 2012 that you should look out for when choosing the web design tutorial program of your choice. These trends will be critical in building the best website for your needs and wants.

HTML5 & CSS3 Standards

When you want to create a website, you should be knowledgeable about programming codes, among other technical aspects. Each year, these programming codes change by leaps and bounds, all of which are aimed toward making websites better in every way possible. The most popular trends nowadays are HTML5 and CSS3, which have been gaining ground since 2011. You must learn these applications so that your website will be updated, too.

Mobile Devices

With the number of users of smartphones increasing with every year, website designers are well-advised to take their needs and wants into consideration. Otherwise, your website will not gain more traffic from smartphone users, which represents more income for your business. Websites with touchscreen capabilities are preferred by users of iPhone, iPad and android phones. Think of these users when designing the layout, icons and buttons of your website and you are well on your way to capturing this important market.

Social Media

Everybody is on social media – or at least, this is the common observation considering the booming popularity of social media sites like Facebook. The individuals and organizations on these social media sites represent yet another lucrative market for your business to tap into. It then becomes crucial to embed social media buttons on your website. Of course, how you use social media to your own advantage is another topic. Suffice it to say that the more prospective customers you reach out to via social media sites, the better for your online presence and, eventually, your bottom line.

Obviously, the aspects of custom fonts, responsive interface design and great layouts are still important in designing websites. Just be sure that even in these typical aspects, you are still on-trend so as to maintain your unique brand. You may even want to update your website on a regular basis as positive trends crop up as well as when your website design tutorials provide for more opportunities for being on top of the trend.

For more great information on how to create a website we have a range of great tools and a free step by step guide on our website http://websitecreationexperts.com so visit us today.

Ter-Tech’s BMW 3 Series Drifting Machine
website design tutorial
Image by Captain Kimo

I know a lot of you have been waiting to see Ter-Tech’s BMW 3 Series drifting machine in all it’s glory. Well last night I finally had the opportunity to photograph it for the whole world to see. You can tell that this bad boy was specifically design for going sideways by the extreme angle of the front wheel. It doesn’t even looking safe!

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